Greetings to my fellow women in higher education!

Who would have imagined in February, 2020 that the strategies we learned during the annual conference would be put the test weeks later beginning with the global pandemic? We have had to balance our professional and personal lives while working remotely, home schooling, and witnessing the social injustices and civil unrest that this nation has experienced. Many of us have had to wrestle with how to respond amid these major disruptions in our normal routines. As women in higher education, our network is poised to be a leading voice in addressing the educational, medical, social, and political issues that confront our institutions, state, and nation.

While it is certainly disappointing that we will not be able to have our normal in person conference, we will continue to explore our 2020 theme, One Woman, Many Hats through a series of webinars. The Alcorn State University Steering Committee has planned virtual chat and chews to keep us connected and remind us on how to effectively wear our hats during these unstable times. The webinars will feature women in higher education who will discuss the following topics: leading through uncertain times, building resiliency in challenging times, and achieving equity in higher education.

As Alcorn prepares to pass the hosting responsibilities to Patti Gordon and her team at Northwest Community College, I want to thank each of you for your continuous support of WHEMN. This network continues to grow, and its growth only makes for a stronger higher education system in the state of Mississippi.

Yours in WHEMN,

La Toya Hart, Ph. D.

2019-2021 State Coordinator

Upcoming Events

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